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About us

Hello! We are veru happy to provide the worldwide news in bengali language. We are basically from West Bengal State which is belong to India. In this web portal we are giving you the current news. We published the newses in some label or category. First category is Country wise breaking news publication. Then all International news from foreign country. We want that every Indian will knew what happened in the world in every moment. We give you the job related news. In this label We describe the vacancies in Govt. or private sector job. How many sit to be recruited for the post?Similarly, there are several label or category we should mentioned right down.

We provide state level each breaking news to our viewers. They recommended this media site positively. Next category is Entertainment. This label is very unique and funful to all. From the Celebrity news to romantic photo or video everything will cover in this category.
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There are Seven members in our news site. Everybody do their duty very smartly. They are always ready to go the field and cover the news bravely.

We all are happy to provide the correct report to the nation. We want to make the site "Manikchak News" as a Brand. 

We are from Malda district which is belongs to West Bengal state. In the lockdown session we tried to give you all information from each places of our country.

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